This website catalogs cool Dungeons and Dragons ideas. It is primarily for unique homebrew ideas, not a rehash of official content. For instance, there are plenty of websites that cover items and monsters. This website will only contain items and monsters that fall outside of the normal game. It won’t contain an Adult Blue Dragon but it may contain a False Hydra.

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  • Encounters – quick combat ideas to challenge your players with.
  • Hooks – quick narrative ideas to start new adventures with.
  • Links – awesome tools, captivating entertainment, and helpful resources.
  • Locations – physical locations from many different worlds.
  • Loot – armor, weapons, magical items, trinkets, and quest items.
  • Mechanics – interesting gameplay mechanics and homebrew rules.
  • People – people involved in the D&D community.
  • Quests – detailed quest ideas with hooks, settings, locations, monsters, and loot.
  • Questions – frequently asked questions about D&D.
  • Traps – quick trap ideas to add to dungeons and other locations.