Goblinist Random Encounter Generator

This Goblinist tool allows you to quickly generate random encounters on-the-fly with only a few required inputs. It also displays the XP gain from each kill along with the total XP gained if the players are victorious.

D&D Newbie Sessions

D&D Newbie Sessions is a community D&D organization centered around introducing new people to D&D in a welcoming and comfortable environment. They also train new Dungeon Masters (or Game Masters) and create content for the D&D community. D&D Newbie Sessions was started in 2019...

Astral Tabletop

Astral Tabletop is an up-and-coming virtual tabletop (VTT) platform that offers features like dynamic lighting, custom uploads, and fog of war. It is a powerful tool for hosting tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPG) like Dungeons & Dragons. It has both a free and a paid tier.

Astral Table...

Kassoon Pickpocket Loot

This website generates mundane “pickpocket loot” which is ideal for quickly generating random and potentially interesting items that players can find in the world.

Map of the Sword Coast

This is a high-res version of the Sword Coast with all of the locations on it. This map was challenging to find because many other versions are missing locations, low-res, or missing regions. This is a great resource to have when running official campaigns like Lost Mine of Phandelver.


donjon is a popular website that provides a number of random generator options for D&D, Pathfinder, and other general fantasy needs. You can generate things like random NPCs, treasure, dungeons, traps, and items.

Digital Dungeon Master – Pre-Made Character Sheets

This website provides pre-made character sheets for 12 classes with multiple options per class through level 20. This is an excellent resource for quickly providing character sheets for players who may have dropped in last minute or didn’t have time to create their own character from scratc...

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator is a random map generator that gives you the ability to edit and customize it. This gives you a starting point to work off of so your map making can go faster.


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