Victoria Lawson

Victoria Lawson is a software engineer and artist from the UK who goes by the alias SuetyFiddle. She runs a D&D inspired Etsy store and has run a successful Kickstarter campaign for her “100 handmade leather-bound book mimics”.

Timm Woods

Timm Woods is a professional dungeon master from Brooklyn, New York. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from St. John’s University where he wrote his “PhD dissertation on the connection between games and the classroom.” He has a passion for using games to teach and believes that ̶...

Jesse van der Vorst

Jesse van der Vorst is a professional dungeon masterĀ from Denver, Colorado. According to his website, he runs games for new and experienced players and most age groups, including children. Jesse has described his style as focused “more on the tactics and combat of D&D…than the ro...

Sam Carlson

Sam Carlson is an amateur dungeon master from Denver, Colorado who goes by the alias Perlox. He is the creator and dungeon master for the D&D Newbie Sessions Meetup group and is also the creator of the website...

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