Endless Starless Nights

Three nights ago the stars suddenly vanished from the sky. Now all that remains is a black, empty canvas. No one can explain it and everyone is panicking.

Airship Down

On the edge of town, you see a distant airship erupt into flames and start to rapidly descend. Spectators gasp and shriek as it crashes in a nearby forest.

Defending the Village

Approaching the village outskirts, the party begins to hear distant shouts and screams. Around the next bend, black smoke rises from a town square under siege. Without help, the town will fall.

The Lost Artifact

A powerful and magical artifact is the last creation of its deceased maker. No one has been able to unravel how and why it works, but everyone wants their hands on it. Unfortunately it’s gone missing along with a villainous figure from the region.

Random Skirmish

The party stumbles upon two groups, already engaged in combat, and they aren’t immediately noticed.

A long, long time ago…

During a long carriage ride, the driver tells a story from a long, long time ago and the players find themselves transported back into his memory…

An Unpaid Debt

A dangerous bounty hunter is seeking one of your party members for an unpaid debt.

Secret Cargo

You are hired by a secretive organization to transport cargo to a distant location with the only rule being: don’t look in the box.

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