This is a medium-sized goblin den containing 1 large monster and a group of 20-30 goblins. These goblins have been banished from their homes and have formed a commune within the mountain. Their mission is to take in other banished and homeless goblins to give them food, shelter, and responsibilities within the community.

The commune is known among other goblin tribes and is considered an abomination. Banished goblins banding together poses a threat to them and so the caves location is a carefully guarded secret.

The goblins are slightly less violent to outsiders than your average goblin, but will still attack intruders who venture too close. However, due to their vulnerable position in the world, they are open to working with humans and other civilized creatures to strengthen their position.

As they’ve grown, they have faced some difficulities managing the tribe and keeping order. Some of the leaders are privately worried that the commune will not sustain itself long-term and will collapse into a more traditional goblin hierarchy.