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Evil Beagle Games

Evil Beagle Games is a tabletop RPG company founded in 2014 in Thornton, Colorado. They produce modules, DM supplements, and their own game system “Prowlers & Paragons”. They have a team of 5-10 people and their products are sold exclusively on DriveThruRPG.

League of Wayfinders

League of Wayfinders describes their organization as a “Denver based before and after school enrichment program, taking kids on a Hero’s Journey of self discovery. We incorporate education, empathy building, and critical thinking into a rich pen-and-paper role playing game experience....

Jesse van der Vorst

Jesse van der Vorst is a professional dungeon masterĀ from Denver, Colorado. According to his website, he runs games for new and experienced players and most age groups, including children. Jesse has described his style as focused “more on the tactics and combat of D&D…than the ro...

Sam Carlson

Sam Carlson is an amateur dungeon master from Denver, Colorado who goes by the alias Perlox. He is the creator and dungeon master for the D&D Newbie Sessions Meetup group and is also the creator of the website...

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